How to promote your Onlyfans using Twitter in 2021

published on 09 March 2021

While Onlyfans has taken the internet by storm in the past few months, many new content creators are finding that succeeding is about more than just posting content. Being attractive and having great nudes simply isn't enough. In order to have a successful Onlyfans, you need to be able to promote your account and market it to potential customers. In business terms, some might say that even if you have good content, you still need to focus on customer acquisition and distribution.

As you might already suspect, social media is one of the best ways to bring attention to your Onlyfans (or premium Snapchat or Fanhouse, or whatever service you use.)

When it comes to comparing social networks, blogs by long-time camgirls like cammingskillz go as far as to say:

Building a largish Twitter is one of the best ways to get more eyes on your OnlyFans profile. It’s probably the single best social media platform for this purpose.

Twitter is the place to be. In this article, we will be reviewing the basics of using Twitter with Onlyfans, as well as explaining how if you aren't using Twitter direct messages to help promote your Onlyfans, you could be leaving hundreds or thousands of dollars on the table.

Why is Twitter great for OnlyFans?

Twitter, unlike many other platforms like TikTok or Instagram, allows for NSFW content. For most platforms, if you post explicit content, you will get banned.

Since Twitter allows you to explicitly mark your profile and content as being for 18+, posting adult content directly on the platform is completely allowed. We've seen Onlyfan content creators put a lot of effort into their Instagram or TikTok accounts, only to have it banned for being too lewd. On Twitter, as long as you mark your content properly, this shouldn't be a problem.

On top of Twitter allowing Onlyfans content, it's also a place where it is easy for people to discover new content. You can interact with, and sometimes even direct message, nearly every person on the platform. If you are looking to catch people's attention, you can gain as much attention as you work for β€” just start engaging with people (more on that below.)

Even if your tweets aren't getting likes or retweets, that doesn't mean you aren't getting attention. We recommend looking at Twitter Analytics to get a better sense of how your profile is performing.

How to label your Twitter as NSFW

In order to comply with Twitter's policy on NSFW content, you need to mark your profile as "sensitive." You can do that by going into your settings, and navigating to "Privacy and safety." From there, you can select "Your Tweets," which will show a checkbox option for you to mark "media you Tweet as having material that may be sensitive." For Twitter's purposes, NSFW or adult content is classified as "sensitive," so you'll want to check that box so you don't risk your account being banned. 


How to gain followers for your Onlyfans Twitter account?

One of the best ways to boost your Twitter account is to look for Onlyfans Twitter engagement groups. These are communities set up for Onlyfans creators to support each other. Typically they work by you liking, retweeting, and commenting on others' Twitter content to help them get engagement, and then after participating enough, it will be your turn to receive attention from the community. 

Sometimes engagement groups come and go, or they limit the number of members. We see them pop up on Twitter all the time (if you don't organically see them, use Twitter's search functionality), as well as on other sites like Reddit. Other terms you can search for on Twitter are "gain train" or "follow train," plus your relevant niche, such as "femdom follow train." These function similarly to engagement groups, but as usually less recurring.

Another great way to grow your account is by finding larger creators who you think are similar to what you currently post, and to start engaging with their followers. For example, if someone is following another Onlyfans creator, it means they are looking for adult content. Because Twitter is such an open platform, you are free to follow or DM most of the profiles that are following other creators, Just look at the "followers" list on any profile, and you will effectively be able to source a list of potential customers for your own subscription.

Lastly, don't forget to tweet a lot! People trust a profile more if it has plenty of content, so make sure you don't seem like a bot by having no tweets on your profile.

What hashtags should I use for Onlyfans on Twitter?

While we don't think hashtags are the biggest way to grow your account (nothing ever went viral because they used the right hashtag,) it is possible that some potential subscribers are browsing Twitter by hashtags. In order to be on those people's radar, it might make sense to make some tweets that utilize relevant hashtags.

Some of the most common hashtags we see used to promote your OnlyFans on Twitter are:

#onlyfansgirl #onlyfangirl #onlyfans #model #onlyfanz  #onlyfansbabe #lingerie #onlyfangirls #sexy #onlyfanscreator #sellingcontent #beautiful #onlyfansspotlight #egirl

We recommend not having hashtags on most of your tweets, but when using hashtags, keeping it to 3 at maximum.

Why isn't tweeting enough promotion?

When you think of Twitter, you think of tweets β€” how else are you supposed to get attention, right? Well, tweeting, retweeting, and commenting on other's tweets are collectively a huge part of gaining a following, but there's still one really big problem.

After all of that work to build up your follower count, most of your Twitter followers won't even see your tweets. When it comes time to use the Twitter following you built to promote your Onlyfans (or other products), you aren't able to take advantage of most of your hard work.

Let's break this down.

How does Twitter's algorithm work?

Let's use Twitter user @JasmineRiceGirl as an example, since she frequently uses her viral tweets to drive traffic to her Onlyfans and Fanhouse subscriptions.


Rounding the number of followers that Jasmine has, let's say that she has an audience of 100K accounts. In theory, that means if she tweets something, it should be placed on 100K feeds β€” in reality, that isn't what happens.

When Twitter is building your feed, they'll not only check for what all of the accounts you follow are tweeting, retweeting, and commenting, but they'll also share content that is liked by accounts you follow, or are simply trending in general across the app. Twitter then tries to analyze what content out of all of these options will be the most engaging, and they'll place it in your feed.

So even though someone like Jasmine has 100K followers, each of those followers is on average following over 500 accounts, and some users may be following thousands of other accounts. Between all of the likes, tweets, and other actions coming from these 500+ accounts, Jasmine's content is competing with 10,000+ different tweets to make it into your feed. Her content likely won't even appear at all unless it's highly engaging.

And often times, it can be β€” but the engaging content isn't always what makes you money, and at the end of the day, that's probably what your biggest goal is.

Perhaps you are able to land a viral tweet, like the one above, and briefly get the attention of nearly half of a million people. Those people won't all convert into paid users for your Onlyfans or Fanhouse though, because talking about your business isn't what will go viral on Twitter.

To try to combat this, a lot of Twitter content creators will try to follow up their viral tweets with a comment about what they do. They'll thank everyone for the attention, and then say something like "if you'd like to see more, check out my Onlyfans," but most of the accounts that liked the original tweet won't see this attempted follow-up. Ultimately many new Twitter followers gained from this post won't convert into paid supporters, simply because they didn't see your message encouraging them to. 

100K followers (or any number) doesn't mean 100K customers. While gaining a following isn't easy, converting those followers into paid subscribers for your Patreon, Onlyfans, Fanhouse, Premium Snapchat, or other platforms can still be a huge challenge of its own.

How does Twitter direct messaging work?

Now imagine that when you tweeted, you could make sure that your followers would see your message, and they'd even get a notification both on their phone and in their Twitter app alerting them about your tweet.

Unfortunately, tweets don't work this way β€” but Twitter direct messages (DMs) do.

Twitter's default setting is that once you follow an account, you can receive messages from them. That means that if you have 100K followers, you are likely able to directly message 99.9K of them, ensuring that they receive your updates, and encouraging them to take action due to the high visibility of the notification.

But wait, there's no way that you would send a message to thousands of followers by hand! That would take forever. And that's true, which is why if you are serious about using Twitter to drive revenue for your business (and face it, Onlyfans is a business), then you need to invest in automation.

Promoting your Onlyfans with Automated Twitter DMs

What if every time you got a new follower on Twitter, they were sent a message thanking them for their follow, and explaining how they can access even more of your content?

Services like ours utilize Twitter's publicly available software tools to help people like you automate your Twitter usage. Doing this is completely in line with Twitter's rules, as long as you don't try spam people.

Typically, an account with 100K followers with a tweet centered around converting users to your Onlyfans might only get a few hundred clicks, because this is never the type of content that goes viral. In contrast, setting up automated direct messages to new Twitter followers means nearly every one of your 100K followers can be linked to your Onlyfans.

Automating your direct messages is a superpower. If you do it with tact, it also can bring a lot of brand value β€” users who feel like they are getting a personal message from you start liking you even more, and that extra "attention" that they are getting can drastically increase their odds of becoming a paid supporter for your Onlyfans. 

Using Onlyfans promotional discounts on Twitter

Many Onlyfans creators use the platform's ability to offer promotional discounts as a way to encourage purchases. For example, if a potential customer is on the fence about purchasing your subscription, a limited offer for an extra 20% off might help convince them to subscribe.

Now let's apply this idea to automated Twitter direct messages. 


By bulk messaging multiple of your Twitter followers at once, you can try to target special messages or deals to certain users. This opens up a whole world of experimenting with how to best convert your Twitter followers to Onlyfans subscribers, and your bank account will be thanking you. It's almost like running an ad for free. But after all, that's how it should be β€” you earned your followers!

Setting up your first automated Twitter DM

If you are interested in powering up your Twitter by automating your DMs, you should try our week-long free trial β€” it's easy to cancel in just a click if you don't like it... but trust us, we think you'll like making more money πŸ˜‰

We also love hearing feedback β€” feel free to follow or DM us @TwtDMs whenever you'd like!

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