Twitter DMs with superpowers

Make DMs your business's secret weapon.

Turn your followers into customers by automatically sending them direct messages about your paid content.


Use your Twitter network to make more money

For every new follower, we send a direct message on your behalf. You can use this to promote any link, whether that be to Substack, Gumroad, Onlyfans, or more!

Convert users over DMs

Engage more, in less time

With a simple but powerful interface, you can finally leverage your network to the fullest.

  • Auto DM
  • Bulk Message
  • Answer Questions

Simple and Fair Pricing

Drive more sales through your Twitter DMs; we pay for ourselves in no time.
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$25 / month

$ / month

$25 / month

Plus a no-risk,1-week free trial
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    You won't be charged until after your free 7 days
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    We'll remind you before the trial ends
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    No commitment, we make it easy to cancel anytime

You Ask β€” We Tell

Frequently Asked Questions, and their Answers

  • Why should I automate my Twitter DMs?

    Twitter is a game-changing way to connect with your potential customers, and direct messages are the secret sauce. That said, it can be difficult to effectively engage with thousands of followers without dedicating a ton of time. We think you should be able to have the best of both worlds β€” a powerful way to grow your customer base without spending all your time.

  • Do we snoop on your messages?

    Nope, not at all. We value your privacy, and will never read or sell your messages. We are a paid product, so we have no need to sell your information to advertisers.

  • Will Twitter flag my account?

    We utilize Twitter's API to send DMs, which means this is totally ok! As long as you follow Twitter's own rules against "unsolicited Direct Messages" (aka don't spam people), then there is no risk. 

  • Why do we ask for a credit card even for a free trial?

    In order to maintain the top quality customer service we strive for, we would rather filter out spam and other low-intent accounts. If you’re serious about us, then we are serious about you.

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